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How can marking and coding help my business?

For the Beverage, Food, and Candy industries, marking and coding of products provides the date of manufacture and Lot Code information. This ensures customers that product is fresh, and allows traceability in the case of a recall or other issues that may arise for a specific lot.

For the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Electrical Equipment industries, – marking and coding of products allows the manufacturer to track and trace a product as well as providing information to the end-user about product specifications. Additionally, 2D barcodes and invisible UV inks can help to prevent counterfeiting.

For the Wire, Cable, and Tubing industries, marking and coding of products allows the manufacturer to brand as well as track and trace a product. It also provides information to the end-user about product specifications. It also enables a customer to differentiate between different cables and wires. Additionally, the manufacturer is able to sequentially mark their cable for distance measurements and other parameters, as well providing the end-user with a guide to measure precise distances of cable and wire.

Why is marking and coding important?  

In many industries, the marking and coding of a product for traceability and transparency is required by law. Both manufacturers and customers need to be able to trace the life of a product from manufacturing to processing, to shipment as well as delivery to the end customer. Marking and coding is also an anti-counterfeiting measure, as manufacturers can assign designated codes to products that only the manufacturer is aware of, this will ensure the authenticity of the product and help to prevent counterfeiting.

Does marking and coding help to reduce spending? 

In the case of a recall, marking and coding is crucial. Manufacturers can identify the lot of the bad product and recall only that specific lot. Additionally, manufacturers can trace their entire production/delivery/sales process with a simple barcode located on the product. In particular, Gem can help customers reduce spending with our Alphajet printers, which offer the lowest make-up usage and Total Cost of Ownership in the industry. Also, our line of ecologically-friendly inks can help customers save on emissions costs and tariffs.

How does marking and coding minimize product issues? 

In the food and beverage industry, marking and coding assures customers that the product is fresh. Without it, customers would have no way of knowing the date that a product was made and, as a result, could likely consume an expired product. Additionally, marking and coding can also help eliminate counterfeiting issues, which is particularly important in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, cable and wire, and electrical equipment industries. Marking and coding allows for the execution of product recalls, and enables manufacturers to proactively recall and replace products in these instances.

How does marking and coding improve quality control procedures?  

Manufacturers can trace their entire production/delivery/sales process utilizing marking and coding. Depending on the industry, marking and coding is used to improve overall quality control through a wide range of applications.

Can I purchase a printer for less than $1,500? 

No. The purchase price will exceed this amount. If the purchase price of a printer exceeds your budget, Gem has various leasing and financing options available to help fulfill your printer needs.

Where is GEM ink manufactured?

GEM ink is proudly made in the United States. Most ink is produced in our facility in Hanover, MA, but certain small-batched and custom colors are made in our research and development lab in Nixa, MO.

Do you manufacture your own printers?

GEM is proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of KBC-Metronic’s line of EPTI continuous inkjet printers. Our legacy equipment – which includes band and ring markers, contact printers, and chrome-plated print wheels – is manufactured in our machine shop in Hanover, MA.

Are Gem printers environmentally friendly?

Yes. Gem is the industry leader when it comes to environmentally friendly inks and solvents.

Will I need to use make-up solvents?

Yes, our printers require make-up solvents to maintain the viscosity and performance of our inks. However, our Alphajet Printers feature a state-of-the-art Solvent Recovery System which results in the lowest make-up usage in the industry.