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A Company That Has Never Strayed From Its Marking Roots

Since 1952, Gem Gravure has been providing the best printing technology and fluids for marking wire & cable. Gem started with the original patented process for gravure marking wheels, introduced continuous ink jet to wire manufacturers and specially engineered inks for those applications. Owing to its constantly-evolving technologies, its multi-patented innovative processes, and the expertise of its workforce, Gem has remained a leader in the ink and printing industry for the past 65 years. The longevity of Gem's success can also be traced to its status as a third-generation family-owned business that has never strayed from its roots.


Joseph Gemelli Starts His Own Company

In the early 1950s while attending Northeastern University at night to earn a degree in engineering, Joseph Gemelli developed a proprietary method for marking wire and cable with ink when he was employed at Simplex Wire and Cable Company in Cambridge, MA. The method he invented became the first of several patented inventions that Joseph would develop during a career in the ink and printing industry that would eventually span four decades. Shortly after developing this breakthrough invention, Joseph founded his own company in 1952 - Gem Gravure - and he set up shop in a building no bigger than a shed in Hanover, MA.

Two Marking Wheels are Better than One

Gem began with a very simple contact printer that Joseph developed, and the company evolved as he continued to produce similar types of printers. During this time, Gem began to use band marking equipment and Joseph continually made improvements to his machines, including the development of printers that used two gravure marking wheels instead of just one, to increase the speed with which jobs could be completed.

GEM Joins the Inkjet Printing Revolution

When Joseph started the business, the printing industry was dominated by the use of contact wheel printers that were used to apply ink to pages and other surfaces. As time went by, Gem began to focus on producing ink as a way to differentiate themselves in the printing industry. And when Joseph's son David joined his father's business in the mid-1970s, the printing world was on the verge of a technology that would revolutionize the industry: inkjet printing. In 1980, Joseph and David attended an industry trade show where, for the first time, they saw one of the world's first continuous inkjet printers on display. Joseph turned to his son and said, "This is the future of our business - we need to start selling this type of printer."