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Industrial Inkjet Inks Splash Bottles

Occassionally, we want our print on our product, but not leave a mark. When product identification is crucial, but you don't want to compromise the appearance of your product, GEM can offer an invisible solution.

Industrial Inkjet Inks Splash Bottles

FLG5466 is a clear ink for use in standard ink jet printers. The ink is clear in the bottle, invisible on most surfaces when printed and glows blue under UV light. Designed for easy use with a variety of nozzle sizes. Acetone‐Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) based ink. Printed codes absorb in range from near 325 nm to 415 nm with a maximum absorbance at 375 nm. Fluorescence ranges from 400 nm to 525 nm with fluorescence maximum at 437 nm.

*Security & brand protection applications where the code should not be seen in natural light * Bar code readable with special UV bar code reading system *Adheres to glass, PET, metal, a wide variety of plastics * Should be tested on surfaces that will be exposed to hot moist conditions, blushing (codes become visible) may occur * Glowing is totally reversible, Code becomes invisible again after exposure

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