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Industrial Inkjet Inks Splash Bottles

Whether you like a rich, royal blue or a light blue ink, GEM has the ink. 

We have two blue inks with spectacular hues and excellent adhesion on plastics, PVC and PE. 

Industrial Inkjet Inks Splash Bottles

BLG1666 is a blue soft pigmented ink for use in standard dye based or pigmented ink jet printers with nozzle sizes 55 microns and larger. No stirring or agitation is required during operation of the printer. Contains blue pigment dispersion: prevents migration of the ink, resists transfer on PVC, light fast, resists damage by heat. Blue pigment provides a bright royal blue code on light surfaces without requiring a pigmented printer. Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) based ink. (NOTE: this ink does not provide an opaque code, it will not contrast with black/dark surfaces) *PVC jacketing (hot or cold) *Rigid or flexible *Packaging *Films *Metal *Coated & uncoated paper

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