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CODE-M is a software add-on that allow remote monitoring of the printer in four different modules, allowing visibility into the system and live print from an offsite location. CODE-M’s interoperability allows it to be used in a variety of systems, and its four modules are Monitor, User, Editor, and Camera. CODE-M enables users to view and navigate a printing job remotely in the same way a user could manage the job if they were standing at the printer itself.

For marking and coding, the CODE-M add-on:

  • Enables remote monitoring of your printing process
  • Can be used in a wide range of printers
  • Provides remote access to a printing job that’s identical to on site navigation

CODE-M is the most efficient way to remotely navigate your print.

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AlphaJET Continuous InkJet Printers


Industrial inkjet printers are an economical, easy way to add variable information to surfaces of any size, shape, color or texture, but they are not one size fits all. At GEM, our dedicated sales team works with you directly to ensure the best printer for your budget and application.

The alphaJET inkjet printers are designed to do the job at hand with a minimum of work and maintenance. GEM is proud to be the exclusive reseller for KBC-Metronic inkjet printers since 2008.



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AlphaJET Evo

The alphaJET evo from KBC-Metronic is designed for advanced printing applications. The alphaJET evo delivers performance with dramatically reduced fluids consumption. The compact printhead combined with powerful software and durable design provide exceptional print, even at higher line speeds. The alphaJET evo features a detachable touchscreen display that allows changes to your print job to be made from anywhere.

Easy to install, easy to use, and easy on your budget.

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AlphaJET Into

The alphaJET into is the mid-range coding system from KBC-Metronic. The alphaJET into is the economical solution, while still providing high quality, fast production and easy operation. This makes the alphaJET into the coding system of choice for everyone who demands high reliability and low cost of ownership. The low ink consumption rates also make the alphaJET into a top choice for environmentally friendliness.

Easy to install, easy to use, and easy on your budget.

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AlphaJET Tempo

For a lightning fast production line, you need high speed precision marking and coding. The tempo provides the same great quality print, at record speeds.

Keep your tempo with the alphaJET tempo.

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AlphaJET Duo

The alphaJET duo delivers the same high quality codes, fast production speeds & low maintenance... but twice. A simple solution for your complicated coding application.

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AlphaJET Pico

The alphaJET pico features an especially small typeface and superior print quality even at the highest production speeds. It has low maintenance needs and is easy to operate. Due to the optimal print head architecture, it produces high print speeds. The alphaJET pico is the perfect solution for very tiny fonts that require excellent readability. The uniform droplet formation ensures an especially beautiful print result. Use when you have to print a lot of information in the narrowest spaces with excellent resolution.