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The marking and coding of wire and cable increases efficiency in the manufacturing process, simplifies troubleshooting, and provides traceability. GEM produces specialty inks and equipment to successfully mark even the most difficult wire surfaces, which is why we've been the premiere provider of marking and coding systems to the wire and cable industry since 1952.

Band and Ring Markers

Our band and ring markers produce superior quality print on a variety of wire substrates. GEM band and ring markers, equipped with our Air Diaphragm Pump System, are user friendly, dependable, durable, and can be used with both solvent and water based inks.

GEM’s Band and Ring Markers:

  • Feature a unique rear ink feed system and compact stainless steel cabinets
  • Efficiently identify telecom and other wires with colored rings
  • Are available in single and tandem heads
  • Change color with little to no effort
  • Are designed to keep pace with high extrusion speeds

Laser Engraved Wheels

GEM offers a wide variety of gravure printing wheels designed for printing on insulated wire, cable, hose, tubing and extruded profiles. The substrates that our gravure wheels can print on include XLPE, PVC, Nylon, and Silicone.

GEM’s Laser Engraved Wheels:

  • Enable our clients to meet any wire identification needs with superior print quality
  • In concert with AMSTD, create the perfect combination for off-set printing
  • Can be used for printing in a variety of industries
  • Are equally efficient at high or low speeds

A Leader in Wire and Cable Marking

GEM owns the original patented process for gravure marking wheels, and was the first company to introduce continuous ink jet to wire manufacturers. Owing to its constantly-evolving technologies, its multi-patented innovative processes, and the expertise of its workforce, GEM has been a leader in the ink and printing industry for over 65 years.

The wire and cable industries we serve include:

  • Electrical Apparatus/Wiring Suppliers/Electrical Equipment Wholesalers
  • Other Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturing
  • Copper Rolling, Drawing, Extruding and Alloying
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