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The marking and coding of wire and cable increases efficiency in the manufacturing process, simplifies troubleshooting and provides traceability. Gem produces specialty inks and equipment to successfully mark even the most difficult wire surfaces, which is why we've been the premiere provider of marking & coding systems to wire & cable manufacturers since 1952.

Some of the industries we serve in the wire and cable manufacturing sector include:

  • Electrical Apparatus/Wiring Suppliers/Electrical Equipment Wholesalers
  • Other Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturing
  • Copper Rolling, Drawing, Extruding and Alloying

Additionally, telecommunication solutions companies rely on our printing expertise and our specialty inks to mark their fiber-optic cable. The marking and coding of fiber optics cable provides crucial product identification throughout the process to manufacture, warehouse, and for shipping products to the end user. Fiber-optic cable is comprised of flexible glass or plastic fiber that is used to transmit information when high bandwidth and long distance is required.

In addition to providing identification, marked fiber-optic cable provides traceability in the field, and helps to simplify troubleshooting as well as the replacement of outdated or damaged cable. GEM’s array of inks has been used to successfully mark even the most challenging fiber optics cable surfaces over the years. Our specialty inks and proprietary technology for micron-level printing never sacrifices the readability or functionality of the print. This is a critical characteristic when marking fiber-optic cable, which is typically narrower and more challenging to print on than standard electrical wire and cable.

How do you mark and code your products? Marking methods vary depending on the surface of the material.

For wire and cable applications, the wire temperature and speed are just a few of the many variables that can affect the print sample. In beverage applications, a print sample can vary due to condensation that occurs during the filling process of bottles. The highest quality codes are required for pharmaceutical applications due to strict rules and regulation. It is imperative that the right coding ink and equipment are chosen to effectively complete your manufacturing process and satisfy regulations in your industry.

Gem is a leader when it comes to coding your product. Tell us about your application and we will work with you to find the best marking and coding solution for your unique application.

Wire and Cable


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