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Telecommunication solutions companies rely on GEM’s printing expertise and our specialty inks to mark their fiber-optic cable. The marking and coding of fiber optics cable provides crucial product identification throughout the process to manufacture, warehouse, and for shipping the product to the end user. Fiber-optic cable is comprised of flexible glass or plastic fiber that is used to transmit information when high bandwidth and long distance is required.

In addition to providing identification, marked fiber-optic cable provides traceability in the field, and helps to simplify troubleshooting as well as the replacement of outdated or damaged cable. GEM’s array of inks has been used to successfully mark even the most challenging fiber optics cable surfaces over the years.

GEM designed inks for fiber-optic cable that have been used since the 1990s, when the telecommunications industry began implementing of a vast network of land-based and transoceanic fiber communication lines throughout the world. Customers depend on our cable marking inks to stand up to the test of time by providing brighter contrasts, increased clarity and legibility, and a longer lasting print when compared to inferior marking technology.

Our specialty inks and proprietary technology for micron-level printing never sacrifices the readability or functionality of the print. This is a critical characteristic when marking fiber-optic cable, which is typically narrower and more challenging to print on than standard electrical wire and cable.

Using a variety of ink colors and printing methods that we have developed over the past six decades, GEM serves the fiber optics industry by printing the unique logos, coding, and marking that you need at your desired production speed.

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