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Gem Gravure provides regulation quality coding for beverage containers that includes expiration dates and lot coding that display traceability and an easy way to perform first in, first out inventory rotation. Gem's wide array of beverage container coding technology and marking inks can be easily integrated into a manufacturing company's existing coding equipment and production lines.

In most cases, our industrial inkjet coding printers fit seamlessly into a production line's existing footprint, which means Gem clients don't have to rework their plant's layout when setting up a beverage container coding system with Gem's printers and ink.

Gem's wide range of printers and extensive inventory of inks for beverage container coding, combined with our rapid on-site service response time, provides our clients with everything they need to keep their production lines running smoothly. While some code marking companies can take as long as two weeks to complete a service request, Gem's nationwide team of technicians are typically available to resolve a code printing issue within two days.

Gem's equipment and inks for expiration date coding of beverages helps manufacturers to identify the date on which a batch was made and provides assurance to the consumer about the freshness of a product. Gem can provide the right code for both glass and plastic bottles even if the surface is covered in moisture due to condensation.

Our expertise in beverage container coding includes the following:

  • Bottled Water Manufacturing
  • Coffee and Tea Manufacturing
  • Soft Drink Manufacturing
  • Wineries
  • Distilleries
  • Plastic Bottle Manufacturing
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