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Let GEM Help You Avoid Printing Defects in Flexible Packaging

Gem Gravure produces high quality coding for flexible packaging that includes expiration date marking and lot coding that display traceable codes and an easy way to perform first in, first out inventory rotation. Gem's wide array of an affordable package coding technology and marking inks can be easily integrated into a manufacturing company's existing coding equipment and production lines in industries such as food processing, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. 

For contactless, defect-free marking of flexible packaging, Gem’s CODE-M software is used to establish effective assembly line printing. CODE-M is a software add-on that enables remote monitoring of a printer in four different modules, allowing visibility into the system and the live print process from an offsite location. 

CODE-M can be used in a variety of systems and enables users to view and navigate a printing job remotely in the same way a user could manage the job if they were standing at the printer itself. By integrating CODE-M into a Gem Gravure inkjet printing process, ink can be applied to flexible packaging in a way that is superior to other methods such as print-and-apply which is prone to defects and thermal transfer which requires heat to accomplish and can melt or damage polymer packaging.

Gem’s Technical Service team can also help modify a production line to include an inkjet printer with a customized printhead configuration that fits seamlessly into the existing product line’s operation. Gem also provides solutions for customers who are grappling with lengthy codes that many of our competitors’ printing systems cannot accommodate. While some lesser quality printers can only create two to four lines of print, Gem’s systems are capable of printing up to six lines in addition to producing a QR code. 

Gem's array of printers and extensive inventory of inks for flexible package coding, combined with our rapid GEM ASSIST remote and/or on-site service response time, provides customers with everything they need to keep their production lines running smoothly.

In addition to flexible packaging, Gem offers coding solutions and marking for high density polyethylene and polypropylene containers for dairy and other food service products as well as non-food commodities. We also ensure compliance with legal requirements as well as the ability to create customized systems and products that work for a range of unique applications.

Contact us today to learn more about our state-of-the-art marking and coding solutions for flexible packaging.