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Testimonials Splash
Testimonials Splash
At MWC we are a team that is dedicated to the manufacturing of Wire Harness. I have been doing business with Gem Gravure for several years, the Gem team has always been very professional when assisting us with our orders. They are very professional in every aspect and they are there to help with both normal orders and orders that need to be expedited.
Monona Wire | Mexico
Gem Gravure has always provided us with great service. The Customer Service department and Technical Support are very knowledgeable on their products. All items are shipped in a timely manner. Thank you for being a great company and providing us with printer parts.
Prysmian Group
I always felt supported by Gem. As a company in a market so demanding its always good to have a supplier with the understanding and commitment like Gem Gravure. Every time we have an emergency in spare parts, Gem takes on the same urgency towards the situation. The company is very emphatic, and helps us meet our needs and develop solutions. The quote time is always reasonable, they try to give us the best service always. Gem Gravure's it is a great pleasure and honor work with you.
Gem Gravure is good to work with. They are always very helpful when we call with questions. If we need direct support we typically have a tech here within 24 hours quite often less time than that. We enjoy doing business with them it is always a pleasant experience.
Contitech Thermopol, LLC | New Hampshire
Gem has an incredible team, they exceed customer expectations.The customer service department is always friendly, strong, and deliveries are always on time.
Carlisle Interconnect | Mexico
Gem Gravure has gone above and beyond on quit a few occasions to help us out when we were in a bind and needed Inks, Dyes or Extenders next day. When I have a million questions your customer service team members are fast to respond and always pleasant to work with. Thank you Gem Gravure for all your quality products.
Kris Tech Wire
I have been working with Gem Gravure for several years now and they are always so helpful and my product is always on time and correct. I've never had a late shipment and when I've been in a bind, they did everything they could to get the product out as soon as they could. I am very satisfied with the business they have provided, and I look forward to many more years.
Waytek Wire | Minnesota
Love the service. Your company will always reply right away with confirmations when orders are placed. Your products are superb. We really appreciate you all doing business with Gates.
Gates | Arkansas
"Gem Gravure have been a great support to us in finding printing solutions for various cable types/materials. The communication is quick, direct, and very effective. Designs and proofs are handled quickly to ensure fast processing of new orders. We thank the Gem Gravure team!"
Madison Wire | England
Excellent products & outstanding customer service! We know we can count on GEM Gravure to get me the items we need, when we need it.
General Cable | Texas
"Gem Gravure has an excellent customer service team that's always ready to answer any questions and to help out with parts that are needed. Gem's service technicians help figure out any issues in the field - all in all, you can't go wrong with Gem Gravure. I'm a very satisfied customer!"
George Fischer
My ordering experience with Gem Gravure is so uncomplicated. The customer service team is exceptional and represents the company with class and knowledge. They're always quick to confirm my new purchase orders and give me an estimated shipping date. I really appreciate the professionalism portrayed in this organization.
Southwire | Georgia
My experience with Gem Gravure has been Great. Their Customer support is outstanding.
Trans Cable Texas
Gem Gravure always responds so quickly and they assist me with all my needs. From quotes, to delivery times, rushed orders and invoices, I know I can always count on them. Gem Gravure has one of the best customer service personnel groups that I have worked with.
Southwire | Douglas
Gem Gravure is always quick to acknowledge my orders and their product always arrives on time!
Radix Wire | Ohio
Gem Gravure has a highly recognized quality in their printing wheels and they also provide a very good service. Customer service is very efficient managing export sales for Spain.
Sidelco Trading, S.L.
"With regard to quality and availability, and most of all - customer service - I wish our other suppliers were as responsive as Gem is. I am very appreciative of the customer service we receive from the Gem team."
Pelican Wire
Working with the Team at Gem Gravure over the past 2 years has been a great pleasure. The Customer Service Team has been great at responding to our ever changing demand and coming to the forefront to deliver quality product on time.
Whitney and Blake Company
I have been purchasing materials from Gem Gravure for over 3 years now in my currant position. Gem Gravure Customer Service group is outstanding and does a wonderful job helping me find the right parts and expediting materials for me. I highly recommend Gem Gravure for Ink and Printers and Printer Parts.
Gates | Illinois
I have a very long history associated with your company. It was a treat for me back in the late 1960's to be sent from Boston Insulated Wire in Dorchester to pick up "rush order" wheels in Hanover; a nice break from my responsibilities in the factory. And as I'm certain was the case with many of your customers back then there were as many rush orders as there were regular orders. Some of the old-timers I worked with back then had worked with your grandfather Joe at Simplex. As I mentioned to you on Friday this year marks my 50th anniversary in the Wire & Cable industry ... and I'm still partnered with Gem Gravure. Keep up the great customer service!!
Heat Trace Products
I have been doing this job since November 1st. I have never had a problem with Customer Service. They have always sent my confirmation date on an order in a very timely matter. Our product has always arrived when we needed it to even if we needed it in a rush. Everyone has been very helpful and courteous. I would recommend your company to everyone without a doubt!
Electro Beam Technologies
"QPL Electronic Distributors has been in business for over 50 years - one thing that keeps our business thriving is our ability to perform value added services for our customers, which includes striping and dyeing of wire and cable. Gem Gravure keeps our striping and dyeing processes running smoothly by supplying reliable products on-time through their customer service team. We highly recommend Gem to any business that requires inks and dyes for their manufacturing and value added services."
QPL Electronic Distributors | Massachusetts
I would especially like to say a kind word about the Customer Service Reps at Gem Gravure that I have worked with over the last several years. Their timely responses and updates have helped our Company keep an accurate record of the many inks we purchase from them; eliminating the need to take time to follow up. I have been in Purchasing for over 10 years, and RSCC has been a customer of Gem for many, many years. We appreciate the relationship we have with them.
I have been dealing with Gem Gravure for many years. I have always depended on their quality and consistency.
Wyre Tek
"Gem Gravure has always been a great supplier for us, with great on-time delivery. Never an issue, they are excellent to work with."
Empire Wire and Cable | Michigan
I have recently had a few Purchase Requisitions for Gem Gravure and have had no issues with my requests whether by phone, e-mail or your website. Everything has been handled very timely.
Crown Equipment | Ohio
My general experience with Gem Gravure, is "5 stars". Cooper Standard orders ink for our Extrusion department that is a critical part of our production on a daily basis, and we receive immediate response on all orders that I place and the timing and shipping that Gem provides is excellent!
Cooper Standard | Michigan
It's been a good experience working with Gem Gravure; on time responses and good attitudes represents their customer service, willing to help and satisfy customer's needs.
TE Connectivity
"Gem Gravure and Eisen have been commercial partners for about 20 years. We have bought printers, ink, makeup fluid, spare parts, etc. All Gem's products are high-quality and are reasonably priced. Everybody at Gem customer service are willing to help, and we have always received good treatment from them. Thanks to Gem, Eisen is growing in Mexico."
Eisen | Mexico
From my experience with ink jet printers and fluids, Gem Gravure has by far the best customer service I have ever experienced in the ink jet industry. From the purchase of new printers and installing's with the technicians and new ink colors they are a great company to work with. In the ink jet industry things will break down and you can rely on Gem Gravure customer service to help you get them back up and running. Gem handles all my repair parts and price quotes quickly and professionally and they're always friendly. All of the Gem Gravure staff that I have contact with are very knowledgeable and professional. If you are looking for a quality vendor for ink jet equipment and customer service Gem Gravure is the one, I really would not deal with anyone else.
Commscope | North Carolina
I appreciate working with Gem Gravure. It's always a pleasure to work with you and we hope to continue doing business with each other for many more years to come. Thank you so much for your service
Backer Springfield | Mexico
Working with Gem could not be any easier. I always get a confirmation of my orders right away and anytime I have a question or need additional information I always get a very quick response. Nice company to work with.
Automated Motion, Inc | Missouri
Gem's customer service is customer oriented and has helped us in a timely and professional manner any time we've had a question or concern. Belden appreciates this level of customer service.
Belden | Richmond