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Testimonials Splash
Testimonials Splash
"QPL Electronic Distributors has been in business for over 50 years - one thing that keeps our business thriving is our ability to perform value added services for our customers, which includes striping and dyeing of wire and cable. Gem Gravure keeps our striping and dyeing processes running smoothly by supplying reliable products on-time through their customer service team. We highly recommend Gem to any business that requires inks and dyes for their manufacturing and value added services."
QPL Electronic Distributors | Massachusetts
"Gem Gravure and Eisen have been commercial partners for about 20 years. We have bought printers, ink, makeup fluid, spare parts, etc. All Gem's products are high-quality and are reasonably priced. Everybody at Gem customer service are willing to help, and we have always received good treatment from them. Thanks to Gem, Eisen is growing in Mexico."
Eisen | Mexico
"Gem Gravure has an excellent customer service team that's always ready to answer any questions and to help out with parts that are needed. Gem's service technicians help figure out any issues in the field - all in all, you can't go wrong with Gem Gravure. I'm a very satisfied customer!"
George Fischer
"With regard to quality and availability, and most of all - customer service - I wish our other suppliers were as responsive as Gem is. I am very appreciative of the customer service we receive from the Gem team."
Pelican Wire
"Gem Gravure has always been a great supplier for us, with great on-time delivery. Never an issue, they are excellent to work with."
Empire Wire and Cable | Michigan
"Gem Gravure have been a great support to us in finding printing solutions for various cable types/materials. The communication is quick, direct, and very effective. Designs and proofs are handled quickly to ensure fast processing of new orders. We thank the Gem Gravure team!"
Madison Wire | England